Solar photovoltaics (PV)+Energy Storage Systems(ESS)


New generation Bi-Directional Charger EV charger empower fast-charging by simultaneously drawing electricity from the PV array, home battery, and the grid, bypassing the home’s AC infrastructure and the limitations of the car’s onboard EV charger. In addition, by using smart algorithms to calculate dynamic utility prices and to autonomously charge or discharge an EV battery, EVCity's energy optimization system provides enhanced savings to its users.

Utilizing the charger’s vehicle-to-grid (V2G) technology, this means that homeowners will be eligible to receive payments from their electricity supplier during demand response events by discharging stored electricity in their EV battery power back to the grid. During periods of high electricity demand, such as during the peak evening hours, it is possible to provide EV power back into the grid. This concept is a form of decentralized energy generation which can transform the operation of our power grid.

Similarly, the charger’s vehicle-to-home (V2H) technology allows it to serve as a large home battery of up to 30kWh both on and off grid. The second use of bidirectional chargers is for Vehicle-to-Home, allowing homeowners to use an EV to power their home. Homeowners can reduce their energy costs and optimize renewable energy sources, such as solar power, by using stored energy in their electric vehicles during peak periods when electricity prices are higher.

Bidirectional chargers can also provide backup power sources during power outages, ensuring an uninterrupted electricity supply in emergencies.When it comes to power outage, bidirectional chargers may also be able to supply supplementary energy sources in order to ensure that electricity is supplied at all times when it is needed.

What is a bidirectional EV charger?

A bidirectional EV charger is an advanced EV charging system that enables two-way energy transfer, allowing electric vehicles (EVs) to send power to your home or back into the electricity grid. Unlike standard EV chargers, which use regular AC (alternating current) power for charging, bidirectional chargers perform complex power conversion, converting power from AC to high-voltage DC (direct current) during charging and the reverse during discharging.

Bidirectional EV chargers are an exciting and emerging technology with the potential to revolutionize how electricity is generated and distributed, enhancing grid stability and offering cost-saving and backup power for homeowners. In most countries, however, bidirectional EV chargers are only available through specific agreements or trials with grid operators due to the complexity of electrical legislation.

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