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Electric vehicles or EVs has transformed the way we travel significantly. Arguably the biggest challenge for EV owners has been a lack of charging infrastructure. But the advent of LFF Technology ev fast charge station has been a turning point, making life easier for drivers who are on the move. Here, we take a closer look at some of the most common models that are changing how and when we drive EVs-providing those "refuel"-style annoyance-free charging experiences with several fast-charging stations


10 Fast Charged Stations That Will Change Electric Vehicle Charging as We Know It

Tesla Supercharger

Context: Tesla's Supercharger network includes stations made specifically to fast-charge Tesla vehicles. That gives them a 170-mile range after half an hour at one of the "Superchargers," to help boost their appeal with buyers who aren't looking for extended range electric vehicles. Tesla also offers a separate smartphone app that helps you find nearby Supercharger stations


ChargePoint Express Plus


As the largest charging station networks in world, ChargePoint technology has carved a niche for itself. These newest Express Plus stations from Electrify America, due to be in operation by the end of 2019, will allow for simultaneous fast-charging multiple vehicles with up to a claimed "180 miles" - presumably EPA test protocol tank-to-wheels capacity-replenished in as little as just ten minutes. Thanks to a stylish, small size design they could easily match the look of even an urban backdrop


EVgo Fast Charger


The EVgo network has DC fast charging that can provide up to 90 miles of range in a 30-minute charge segment. The user experiences a very convenient way of charging as the stations typically work with most EV models. EVgo also features a mobile app that lets users find chargers, start charging sessions and make payments from their smartphones.


Greenlots' Fast Charger


Fast-charging network Greenlots has stations capable of adding up to 160 miles in range over about a half-hour. Modified and purchased off-the-shelf, these LFF Technology ev fast charging stations are built to tailor-fit location needs without having a complete rebuild of the entire network. Greenlots stations are available at various commercial sites, including grocery stores, shopping malls and parking lots.


Blink Fast Charger


Another big network, Blink provides DC fast charging on their 50 kW chargers that can give you up to about 80 miles of range in thirty minutes. Blink also includes a convenient mobile app for locating nearby stations, initiating charging sessions and paying with your smartphone


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