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Price Just a general statement, but electric vehicles (EVs) are cars that run on electricity and not gasoline. Thus, they are a more environmentally friendly option. Awareness of the damaging impact ordinary cars have on this planet is increasing, and naturally so is consumer interest in electric vehicles. More than anything, when you need electric car stuff on your mind... can I actually charge it someplace? EV owners can refuel at special locations that have everything they need to charge up. Here are reasons to have places where such EVs can, at least in theory, plug-in:

E Charging Stations are there for long drives

Electric cars: they have a tough time on long trips, because you need to re-charge them continually. A few are placed at highway locations for travelers doing longer drives in an electric vehicle. So, your car can go bonkers while driving - these stations have 150kWh fast chargers to juice it up in no time neuronal energy. Below are well-reputed locations for EV charging at long-distance commuting:

Tesla Supercharger: Can only be used with a Tesla car so you should arrive faster and this gives an extra time on the road.

Electrify America - this is also a good network, as it has charging stations almost all across the entire US and works with nearly every EV

ChargePoint: They have many charging ports located across the globe for all makes and models of EVs.

EVgo - Electric cars are the future, and EVgo is an industry leader in fast-charging stations across America.

Blink: Thousands of US charging points that feature attractive stations for EV owners.

A fast charger at many locations in the US by Greenlots

Flo : Flo is providing charging points in many places of Canada for various models.

What about EVBox (they have an extensive network of charging stations, around the world and different chargers)?

Shell Recharge - available in 10 countries with locations suitable for many different EVs.

Fastned - Fast charging station for European countries with electric cars.

Simple Charging in Urban Areas

One problem it would solve in cities is the simple one of where to charge an EV. However, a few urban charging sites take pity on electric car owners. City chargers(for an EV)

Greenlots: Discounts are available for companies with lots of EV charging.

ChargePoint: This company offers various pricing strategies for business and residential EV owners.

FloHome -A solution is to offer at-home EV charging for residential electricity customers, but only during certain hours and a lot cheaperHBoxLayout

Blink: They offer giveaways toward free or discounted memberships for their chargers.

SemaConnect: They have plans for frequent users (such as businesses and multi-unit housing) at discounted rates.

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